Pre-exercise evaluation

Advanced algorithms assess your body’s and individual muscle’s condition to decide which exercise will have the optimal benefits for you.

Exercise Suggestions and Demonstration

Preview the available exercises chosen for you based on your current condition, preferences (styles), and projected impact on your body.

Quick and Clear Workout Overview

Overview the available exercises with videos, personalised tips, muscle activity projection, repetitions, sets, load (time/weight), and more.

Live Muscle and Condition View

See how well your muscles perform, as you exercise, and if you are overdoing it or underperforming. As well as how many calories you burned, your heart rate, remaining repetitions, remaining sets, etc.

Virtual Coaching

The Virtual Coach will provide you with actionable feedback, as you exercise, to help you stay in rhythm, perform at the right intensity and with the correct technique.

Actionable Feedback

Actionable tips and feedback helping you improve your technique, using visual, audio, and micro-vibrations.

Injury Prevention

The Virtual Coach helps you reduce the risk of injury by pushing you to perform at the right level of intensity, and suggesting the best exercise for your body’s current state and long-term fitness goals.

In Depth Assessment

In-depth exercise, and muscle assessment, to see the exact impact the exercise had on your muscles and body. Especially important for muscles like the glutes, abs, biceps, triceps, etc.

Personalised Training

Personalised exercises, tips and suggestions based on your performance during the previous exercise, to help you improve your technique, performance, and reduce fatigue.

Simplified Outcome Presentation

Clear outcome presentation to give you a clear view of how well you exercised each muscle and your whole body in general. What you did great and what, and how, you can improve.