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Quick Intro

Tribe offers apparels and a wearable device able to understand the context of each exercise, create a personalised workout regimen and coach you as you exercise – based on your schedule, abilities, and end-goal – to maximise the results of each exercise, using a reactive AI-based Coaching App.

Name Origin

In ancient Greece, a group of athletes and coaches who trained together was called a Tribe, and the best coaches for each Olympic-event would be selected to train the Tribe.

Similarly, Tribe Wearables will create the best virtual Coach for what you want to achieve, your performance, habits, schedule, etc., and help reach that goal as soon as possible.

About Tribe Wearables

Tribe Wearables combines the feel of premium sports apparels, with the functionality of a €1M Sports Science Lab and the AI-based Coaching with abilities rivaling that of world-class personal trainers.

Tribe offers the unique experience of getting the most out of every exercise, by tailoring workout regimens to your current condition and overall abilities. Which is made possible by using Tribe’s AI-based Coaching App to analyse the impact each exercise has on your body. The Coaching App also analyses your technique, movements, and activity of your muscles, to understand what you could improve on and provide the optimal actionable feedback, to help you get the most benefit out of the time you spend at exercising.

You get maximum visible benefits, in the minimum amount of time, while shielded from injuries.

Tribe Wearables was founded by Stordopoulos Demetres and Funded by Openfund. The Apparel, Device, and App will launch in January 2017. It is available in Beta.

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Coaching App

Wearable Device

Wearable Device

t-shirt & shorts with sensors

Apparel: t-shirt & shorts